‘If You Do Not Love Me I Shall Not Be Loved’

For the online program 'The Structure Envisioned for Changing Circumstances' (2021-2022) Curated by Maija Rudovska from Blind Carbon Copy (Riga, Latvia) in partnership with Amy Mackie - PARSE NOLA (New Orleans, Louisiana) and Tina Rigby Hanssen - Kongsberg kunstforening (Kongsberg, Norway) and Vestfold Arts Center (Tønsberg, Norway), hosted online at www.asefcc.org by Blind Carbon Copy, Riga - Latvia


'AiR Westcoast #6' (TBA)

Made possible through generous support by Rogaland County Council and Utsira Municipality, Bølgen, Utsira - Norway


'MølleØy - the workshop'

First part of the project ‘MLÝNSKÝ OSTROV’ (2022-2024) created together with Šárka Zahálková for Centrum pro otevřenou kulturu in partnership with Detroit Kunsthalle, with support from Rogaland County Council and EEA and Norway Grants. Artists: Araiz Mesanza, Alessandro Marchi, David Böhm, Jiří Franta, Ondřej Buddeus, Ian Mikyska, Tomáš Moravec, Kristina Fingerland, Kateřina Jirsová, Sayed Sattar Hasan, Marie Sieberová and Nikola Březinová. Hosted by Detroit Kunsthalle, Jæren - Norway.


Kino Úsmev; Artist in Residence

organised by Tou, Stavanger in collaboration with the arthouse Kino Úsmev, Košice - Slovak Republic


'MLÝNSKÝ OSTROV' Opening-exhibition for GAMPA's unique new exhibition space inside the Automatic Mills, iconic building of Pardubice by the famous Czech Cubist architect Josef Gočár, with a newly created complex by architect Jan Šépka. Project created and curated together with Šárka Zahálková for Centrum pro otevřenou kulturu in partnership with Detroit Kunsthalle, hosted by GAMPA, Automatic Mills, Pardubice - Czech Republic

Dear Jury,
Thank you for reviewing my application for ____________. I’m grateful that you’re able to meet with me today to consider my work. This portfolio website presents ever-evolving snapshots of my activity across different art contexts. To some people, I’m an artist; to others, a curator or exhibition-maker; or to others a writer, educator or a conceptual workshop leader, skateboard-art-team-professional-cruiser, unconventional storyteller, or the former executive of a fictitious bureau for contemporary art.

Regardless of categories, I assume we’re all here today for one reason or another. I’m here to make a case for the value of my contemporary post-studio practice, interest for self-initiated venues, performative strategies, site (and situation) specific projects, pseudonyms, monochromes and polar bears. And also a belief that public art and democracy somewhat are the same, since the one thing cannot function without the other.

Following I will present my resumé, a handful of highlighted projects, a summary of past activity and the ongoing Detroit Kunsthalle. Thanks again for your time and attention, I look forward to hearing your decision, and welcome any questions, critique, or feedback on what you seen today.
Kjetil Detroit Kristensen