some projects:

Kjetil D. Kristensen,'Eternally Lost, Forever Gained' (2020)

temporary and participatory monument

installation: textile, tape, rope, wood, pontoon, metal, plastic, paint, plus a announced Open Call for the city of Pardubice

120 m2

'Eternally Lost, Forever Gained' (2020) consist of an open call together with a temporarily transformed swimming spot by the Elbe in the Na špici park

created for 'Tvárnost Paměti (Malleable Memory)', curated by Šárka Zahálková for Gampa / Galerie města Pardubice

credits: Erling Knudsen, Josef Čevora, Offcity

workshops created with Nikola Březinová

opening reception Saturday August 22, on display to

October 11, Na špici park

Pardubice 2020

installation view by the Elbe in the Na špici park

Pardubice 2020

Duckert Detroit (feat. Brage Sunde and Dev Dhunsi)  'Blue Chip Baby' (2020)

Duckert Detroit is a collaboration between Kjetil Detroit Kristensen and Helene Duckert, the exhibition also featured collaborative works by Brage Sunde and Dev Dhunsi

installation: sculpture, print, jewellery, painting, photography, textiles, text, readymades, cane by Henning Linaker

55 m2

materials: mixed media (shortlist: aerosol spray, aquarelle, glue, tape, bamboo, human hair, various paper, various plastics, cardboard, Tuborg

cans, two component eco-epoxy, wood, glass, water, neon and indigo pigment, OxyContin, rubber, 18k gold, cotton, aluminum, distress hand flare)

performative reading from the sculpture How to Make It in "America" Selected Works 2020-2025 (2020) at the opening night by

Duckert Detroit, texts by Geir Haraldseth, Tommy Olsson and Olga Schmedling

credits: Erling Knudsen, Geir Backe Altern, Sayed Sattar Hasan, Scott Joseph, Prosjektskolen, Fellesverkstedet, Norsk Fotofagskole

opening reception Friday March 6, closed a few days later due to the COVID-19 outbreak in Norway

Babel Visningsrom for Kunst, Trondheim 2020


'Blue Chip Baby' - Babel Visningsrom for Kunst

Trondheim 2020

Kjetil D. Kristensen, 'Moinument' (2019)

temporary and participatory monument (with satellites and events)

rope, wood, metal, paint, aerosol spray, embroidery on textile

462cm x 278cm x 354cm

Moinument satellites: a series of riso prints on neon paper titled 'Vi bygger landet' (We Build Our Country, 2019), three embroidered flag

installations titled: Enevelde (Autocracy, 2019), Blod er tykkere enn vann (Blood Is Thicker Than Water, 2019) & Korsvei (Crossroad, 2019)  

satellite events: opening reception with knowlegde production on Moi's moinumental art history by local historian Per Christoffer Salvesen, the workshop-exhibition 'Kunstner for en dag: Neste generasjon i norsk samtidskunst' created together with kids from the municipality's elementary schools & the 'Moinumental Gatefest' - street party created together with residents from the local asylum reception centre

'Moinument' (2019) was part of 'FLOOD_2019' initiated by Rogaland

Kunstsenter and Lund municipality for Dalane Festival of Culture

opening reception Saturday March 16, on display 

to March 23, Lundetun

Moi 2019

Moinument (2019), Kjetil Detroit Kristensen

 'Moinument' - Dalane Festival of Culture,

Moi 2019

Detroit Kunsthalle, 'detroit kunsthalle

ist eine konvention' (2018)


installation, 3 or 4 new works


risography, photography, aquarelle, tape, rope, magnum bottle neck, plastic wrap, mooring

system: steel, lead, polypropylene & polyurethane


end of the artist in residence period at AiR Sandnes

opening reception Thursday 13 December, on display

to December 21, AiR Sandnes

Sandnes 2018

Kjetil Detroit Kristensen presents Detroit Kunsthalle

installation view AiR Sandnes,

Sandnes 2018

Detroit Kunsthalle (Kjetil D. Kristensen, Sayed Sattar Hasan, Nicholas John Jones and

Mathew Lacosse), 'Detroit Kunsthalle Under New Management' (2018)


performance & exhibition


aquarelle, video, aerosol spray cans, half face respirator mask, plastic sculptures, sand, marker pen on paper, painted

wood sign, performance: one hour panel discussion/desecration of DKH


part of 'AiR West Coast 2018' - a residency within a residency, at Frida

Hanses Hus in Stavanger, initiated by Detroit

Kunsthalle with support from Studio17


opening reception Thursday 27 September, on display

to October 6, Studio17

Stavanger 2018


Kjetil Detroit Kristensen, Sayed Sattar Hasan, Nicholas John Jones, Mathew Lacosse - 'Detroit Kunsthalle Under New Management' (2018)

post-performance view Studio17,

Stavanger 2018