An artist-initiated laboratory for art & public space. Physically located at an eight meter long and three meter wide shoreline plot named Stranna, situated at Lurahammeren in Nord-Jæren on the Norwegian west coast. The plot Stranna has been donated to the project for the purpose of artistic exploration within the field of art & public space.


The  vision for  Detroit Kunsthalle: Create, curate and conduct programmed activities on the donated site itself, but also temporary nomadic productions created and conducted elsewhere, in collaboration with invited guests, artists and like-minded institutions. The concept of Detroit Kunsthalle is also used as a form of material and a source for various art productions presented elsewhere together with various project partners.

The Detroit Kunsthalle in many respects is the utopian institution, it is invisible, it does not interfere, it does not impose an agenda, it is honest in its exploitative tactics, it attempts genuine non- politically motivated self-reflection, it is not interested in cultural power, and it openly struggles with its flaws. It is an institution willing to sacrifice itself even if no one else is watching!


 'Detroit Kunsthalle Under New Management'  


 In collaboration with Sayed Sattar Hasan, Nicholas John Jones and  

 Mathew Lacosse 

 Studio17, Stavanger

DKH UPDATES  2020-2021-2022:

APRIL 2022:

Dear followers and enthusiasts of the playful concept they call contemporary art. The war in Ukraine has been going on for over two months now. The Russian Pашизм "Z"ombies openly support the 'special operation', turning a blind eye to killings and torture, raping of children and women, shelling of cities, unimaginable destruction and millions of people who have lost their homes and are now fleeing.

We here at DKH are afraid that this is only the start of what might come;

- The Pашизм Dmitry Medvedev gave a speech this week saying Russia aims to "build an open Eurasia, from Lisbon to Vladivostok” (AFP Moscow, April 30th).

- The Russian Pашизм "Z"ombies are moving Westwards, now openly conducting "terrorist attacks" in Moldova, targeting military units near the city of Tiraspol (Reuters: TASS news agency report April 26th).

- British Intelligence have leaked that they are expecting the Pашизм-Putin to official declare the start of World War III during the coming Russian May 9th military parade on the Red Square (the one that celebrates victory over the actual and real Nazis of World War II…). This will give him the opportunity to draft new military personnel. Pашизм-Putin already signed a decree ordering 134,500 new conscripts into the army as part of Russia's annual spring draft (Reuters, March 31st).

We the people of Detroit Kunsthalle are against all varieties and forms of Pашизм, Fascism and National Socialism that continues to exist and we will not stand by and watch this utterly destructive movement tear apart the notion of love and humanism in all its forms.

Therefore, we hereby serve you a Lil' DKH fun-fact:

If you ever voted for the Norwegian fascist party FrP (Fremskrittspartiet), or perhaps found entertainement in the ongoing harassement of cultural workers from capitalist tax evaders like Are Sødeberg (sløseriombuds-mannen), or even laughed at some of the misogynistic worldview that was represented at the 'Norwegian Mannegruppa Ottar Facebook-page', then please - PLEASE refrain from visiting us; You and your hateful and racists ideas are not welcome here, and we therefore consider you a true enemy, and we will act accordingly.

Of course Detroit Kunsthalle endorse peace and love, let there be no doubt, but please remember that we are not a pasifist movement, we are ninja-warriors for the subalterns. The time to piss around is over, now the actual war is on, and it is moving closer. So incase doubt, this is a direct threat to all fascists endorsers: We are watching you!

We admit that we have no idea on how to erase fascism solely through contemporary art, but we are more than willing to give it a try. Therefore we will move our main activity the coming seasons to eastern and central Europe in an attempt of learning more about what’s really going on at the European continent. Especially looking forward to an upcoming action in Košice, a Slovak city "close" to the Ukrainan border.

To all our Norwegian fans, relax: There will be workshop-activity with a group of international artists, all strong players, at our Detroit Kunsthalle West Coast plot of land this September so stay tuned!

Also: the pandemic is still on but like the rest of Scandinavia we don’t really care anymore (honestly, really, it is sooooo boring…). But please wash your hands and wear a mask if needed while visiting our institution.

For the season of 2022/2023 we want to highlight these three activities:

1. 'MølleØy - the workshop’, DKH in partnership with Centrum pro otevřenou kulturu, Jæren, Norway

2. 'DKH-Antifa-Residence', Arthouse Kino Úsmev, Košice, Slovak Republic

3. 'MLÝNSKÝ OSTROV' Centrum pro otevřenou kulturu in partnership with DKH, Pardubice, Czech Republic

More updates will follow so stay tuned, and war and pandemic still going on so stay safe!

Sincerely the Detroit Kunsthalle lead intern - Kjetil D. Kristensen

MARCH 2022:

Russia invaded Ukraine on 24 February, launching the biggest military offensive in Europe since World War II. We at Detroit Kunsthalle stands with the people of Ukraine and urges Russia to cease hostilities immediately and withdraw.

Detroit Kunsthalle will address this deteriorated geopolitical situation by moving our work, focus and dedication closer to the situation in Ukraine and the regions of Central and Eastern Europe for the coming seasons.

Also; the pandemic, still on, stay safe!!!



Never before have so many people been hospitalized in Norway with Covid-19 as in the past few weeks. In other words, the pandemic is not over. Even if we behave like that, so please keep washing your filthy hands.

Because we really do hope everyone stays safe, except perhaps Mr. Putin; Thank you for sharing your geopolitical perspectives. Every now and then, people who know nothing about a subject can still come to the table with something useful. We are not certain this is one of those times but thanks for sharing.



This year did not go as planned or expected. Just like the year before...Our hearts goes out once again to all those who lost loved ones.

We would like to acknowledge the many silent heroes of 2020 and 2021 who deserve our respect, our appreciation, and our gratitude: the contemporary artists, the curators, the art theorists, the hospital teams, the teachers, and countless others whose gestures of genuine kindness brightened someone’s day.

We wish you a serene spring season and hope this Year brings good health and better tomorrows for all.

- Detroit Kunsthalle




We are taking a break until this whole "covid-thing" feels a bit more controllable.

But we really do hope to see you soon. Crossing fingers!



JULY 2021:


Preventing transmission is the most important step to slow down the infection rate and avoid widespread illness caused by the Covid-19 virus.

Therefore due to the ongoing and explosive outbreak of the Covid-19 delta variant in Rogaland County and the Vestlandet region of Norway we have decided (once again...) to continue to keep our facilities closed until further notice.

APRIL 2021:


Closed until further notice...

APRIL 2021:


Welcome back to our iconic site, where radical art and human impact meet.

But is it safe to visit the epic shoreline of Detroit Kunsthalle?

The Detroit Kunsthalle cares deeply about the health and safety of its visitors and staff. We have taken measures to reduce the risk of corona-virus (COVID-19) exposure to you, other visitors, and our staff.

Nonetheless, COVID-19 is apparently very contagious and therefore there is an inherent risk of exposure in any public environment where people are present. Those visiting the kunsthalle do so at their own risk of exposure.

What added measures is the institution taking to reduce my risk of exposure to COVID-19?

We know this experience is new. We’ve made the following on-site enhancements and safety requirements to reduce your risk of exposure to COVID-19:

- Visitor capacity is reduced to 5% of maximum capacity.

- Advance, timed tickets are sometimes required.

- Social-distancing and one-way markers are located throughout the landscape.

- Plexiglass panels might be installed at the admissions desk and store checkout.

- Limited on-site contact by offering cashless payment options.

- Detroit Kunsthalle staff and visitors are required to wear three-ply face masks at all times.

- Frequent cleaning of high-touch surfaces is conducted throughout the day. Hand-sanitizer units are stationed throughout the site.

- The ‘DKH Matpakke’ restaurant and the art-café are temporarily closed; outside food and drink are not permitted. Personal water bottles may be used by the beach only; drinking fountains are not longer available.

We continue to monitor and abide by Norwegian guidelines to inform the institutions’s operations. For the safety and enjoyment of our visitors and staff, we reserve the right to request that anyone who does not follow these protocols leave the site.



We are limiting the number of people permitted into the Detroit Kunsthalle at any one time and introducing a number of other measures to keep our visitors and staff safe. We ask that all visitors abide by the following guidance:

  • Please do not come to the Detroit Kunsthalle if you are ill or displaying any symptoms of SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19.
  • Please pre-book your ticket online.
  • Visitors are required to wear a face covering at the Detroit Kunsthalle, in line with the current government guidance.
  • Please maintain social distancing within the Detroit Kunsthalle and follow the one-way routes we have introduced, if possible.
  • Please make use of the hand sanitisers provided around the Detroit Kunsthalle area.
  • Our foyer and cloakroom is currently closed. Only really small bags will be permitted into the Kunsthalle and these must be carried safely at all times.

While The Detroit Kunsthalle is temporarily closed to support efforts to contain the spread of the coronavirus (COVID-19), we will be offering you ways to experience contemporary art and culture, to inspire curiosity, and to remain connected to one another during this period of collective hibernation. 

The Detroit Kunsthalle started with the mission of making contemporary art in public spaces accessible to the widest possible audience, and over the last years, we’ve been astounded by and deeply grateful for the incredible enthusiasm and support you’ve shown us. 

We can’t wait to welcome you back to the Kunsthalle, and we’ll keep you posted on when we will be able to reopen. We are wishing you all good health, and hope to see you soon.

MAY 2020:

Due to the COVID-19 situation Detroit Kunsthalle will for the coming season be shifting from physical to virtual.

MARCH 2020:

Detroit Kunsthalle will always put the safety and well-being of our guests and employees first, under all circumstances.

We are therefore sorry to have to inform that due to the fight against the outbreak of COVID-19, and as a preventive measure against the spread of the virus, Detroit Kunsthalle is currently closed.

We are cancelling all physical events scheduled in 2020.

Going forward we will follow the advice from the The Directorate of Health, Norwegian Institute of Public Health and Sola, Sandnes and Stavanger municipalities, and act accordingly.

We appreciate your understanding in this matter, and we look forward to welcoming you back to Detroit Kunsthalle in the future.


 ... cold water,

always cold



Too cold.


But it feels

so good.


That’s how it’s always been here.


Pale toes in

freezing water.


Bare legs,


on ankles,

in freezing






the fine-grained sand.


'Detroit Kunsthalle Corona Response' (working title) 

Ongoing production in collaboration with the artist Hasansen. Filmed in Oslo City Hall, edited at Atelier Nord, Oslo, 2021

Freezing feet,

in descending




by salty



Scent of shore,



dried seaweed

and the smell

of vegetation.





are swaying,

along with thin,


dancing sand straws, beau-

tiful and calm.



captured by

the westcoast wind, while

the train passes.


On its way,



Massive sound,

but not



It also belongs.






the train

meets the




the fjord

and greets

for a moment








the trees.

I’m back where I started. Where my grandmother held me while I watched my grandfather swim. Among the concrete from the factory, the still, huge, rocks, the big pipes, old pump tower, everything I'd later learn to climb. And love. The broken branches from the wind's ravages, scattered together with the plastic that has driven onshore. Patterns and grids. Blue, red, yellow, bottles and bags, driftwood. Large logs, small white shells. Old rope. This is how it ́s become, at this eight meter of sea-plot. My child-hood kingdom, my realm. And I spot my grandmother's neighbours old cat. She has become a grandmother too. White Whiskers. And I spot fishes. Birds. A crab. And so it has always been here.

Plunging in, an artist's attempt at the creation of a self-sustainable practice #2

Filmed in Jakobstad, 2019

Detroit kunsthalle, Kjetil Detroit Kristensen
Detroit kunsthalle, Kjetil Detroit Kristensen

 'detroit kunsthalle ist eine konvention'

AiR Sandnes, Sandnes 2018

 'Detroit Kunsthalle Under New Management'  

 ( In collaboration with Sayed Sattar Hasan, Nicholas John Jones and  Mathew Lacosse, Studio17, Stavanger, 2018

I was in a bar and suggested to Kjetil that he invent a residency for me to go on. Two weeks later he invited me, matt and Nicholas on a residency within a residency. It was essentially filling in for Kjetil in his absence. His only request was that we take a field trip to the site where the Detroit Kunsthalle was located, but it was our decision to assess the concept of the Detroit Kunsthalle and scrutinise its existence; critiquing the institution that critiques institutions. It all got very meta and self-reflective, a bi-product of which was the evolution of my alter-ego Hasansen. I don’t think any of it was designed by Kjetil, as he was surprised by what we presented at the opening of the show at Studio 17, however in essence he had created a totally open platform which larger institutions cannot do. It was the residency of residences, or I should say the residency within a residency of residences (within residences). This is the Detroit Kunsthalle’s crowning achievement, to barely exist.

Detroit Art Couture

Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Oslo 2018

In collaboration with Tone Bjerkaas


' 'A Retrospective Refuge of the Practice-Based Research Process' 

Lokomotivverkstedet - Middelalderparken, Oslo 2018

Detroit kunsthalle, Kjetil Detroit Kristensen
Detroit kunsthalle, Kjetil Detroit Kristensen

 Plunging in, an artist's attempt at the creation of a self-sustainable practice #1 

Filmed in Oslo, presentetd at the annual MAPS 'Listen In' at Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Oslo 2017


 This won`t work, we will need much more force and I dont know if it will explode alot, and I dont know where it all will go... 

Performance/installation for ISP exhibition at Rogaland Kunstsenter, Stavanger 2017

 'DKH Nomad #1' 

Independent Study Program Rogaland Kunstsenter, Stavanger 2017



Nordland kunst- og filmfagskole, Kabelvåg

Trondheim Center for Contemporary Art, Trondheim

PRAKSIS Norway, Oslo

Prosjektskolen, Oslo


Kunstskolen i Rogaland, Stavanger

Tromsø Academy of Contemporary Art, Tromsø

Trondheim Academy of Fine Art, Trondheim

Bergen Architecture School, Bergen

PRAKSIS Norway, Oslo

Lokomotivhallen - Middelalderparken, Oslo

Prosjektskolen, Oslo.


Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Oslo

Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo



 notable quotes from some of our beloved interns: 

"So I became an intern. As an ethnic minority from a working-class background, to work for such an innovative organisation, for no money, was a great opportunity. To hand over all my ideas and energy to an organisation without the inconvenience of being credited for them was a big step forward for me"

Intern, 2020


"It was also exciting to work for a non-profit organisation that did not receive funding. It felt like the ideal artist run space, unlike the majority of (so-called) artist run spaces that are actually dependent on public funding and in essence fake artist run spaces, reliant on government and oil fund leftovers"

Intern, 2021