I'm an artist interested in the tension between activism and the art institution, and how to create spaces which facilitate self- and social-critique

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'Art School Dropouts'  (2019)

action & exhibition created with 38 emerging artists from Prosjektskolen, Oslo

'Moinumental Street Party' (2019)

created together with residents from the local asylum reception centre for 'Moinument' (2019)

Dalane Festival of Culture, Moi

photography: Anette Larsen

'detroit kunsthalle ist eine konvention' (2018)

AiR Sandnes, Sandnes

Lunkenkaffi s12e06

2018, Podcast by Espen Birkedal

Art-podcast on "AiR West Coast 2018", the residency within a residency, at Frida Hanses Hus, Stavanger



The Beginning of Forms 

Design by Scott Joseph, published by Rogaland Kunstsenter, 2018

'Woodland 10 år'  (2019)

exhibition initiated by Lars Kjemphol for 'Statens 132. kunstutstilling' at Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo

Emergency Aesthetics (presentation)

PDF (PRAKSIS Development Forum) 

PRAKSIS HQ, Oslo, 2019

'Kunstner for en dag: Neste generasjon i norsk samtidskunst' (2019)

curatorial created with kids from Lund municipality's elementary schools for 'Moinument' (2019) at Dalane Festival of Culture, Moi

'Detroit Kunsthalle Under New Management' (2018)

Studio17, Stavanger

'Monumental — Temporal' (2018)

Hosted by Gereon Krebber and PRAKSIS, at Fellesverkstedet, Oslo


Design by Ariane Spanier, published by Oslo National Academy of the Arts, 2018

Wallström in conversation with Kristensen

Conversation with Bo Krister Wallström in Lokomotivverkstedet at Middelalderparken, Oslo, 2018

TrAP -10 Investigations

10 Investigations: Plural Freedom

Design João Doria, published by TrAP, 2017



Colony Gardens

Colony Gardens

Published by Rogaland Kunstsenter, 2017

Stealing Munch (Encounter in Space)

'Stealing Munch (Encounter in Space) - CCC Pirate Workshop'

Strykejernet kunstskole - Can Serrat, Spain, 2016

CCC Kunsthalle

'CCC Kunsthalle' (2015)

Contemporary Cruise Crew Curatorial at the Norwegian Championship in Skateboarding

'A Retrospective Refuge of the

Practice-Based Research Process' (2018)

Lokomotivverkstedet - Middelalderparken, Oslo

'Sensing Time: On Temporalities, Rhythms and Memories' (2018)

Akademirommet - Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo

Contemporary Composers Vol. 2

'Contemporary Composers Vol. 2' (2017)

AntiPlay Boy the Label at Akademirommet - Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo

Re-Creating (For Ketolas Quilt) (2017)

Jæren, performance for the Independent Study Program, photography by Alessandro Marchi


'HELP, IT'S A LAIV' (2016)

Susie Wang at Nationaltheatret, Oslo

Kristensen Contemporary (AiR Plastique, US)

'Kristensen Contemporary' (Est. 2011)

world wide web

Image from the Kristensen Contemporary AiR Plastique togehther with September Split & Contemporary Cruise Crew in Long Branch, New Jersey, US




Helga Bu, Marc McKee, Araiz Mesanza, Sigrid Bendz, Gustav Samrelius, Geir Backe Altern, Kaja CXZY Andersen, Woodland Woodshop, Vebjørn Guttormsgaard Mølleberg, Marie Askeland Gundersen, Snakepunch and Irene P. Tello


Interview by Marte Danielsen Jølbo

for Contemporary Art Stavanger, 2015


Number 1 (Pollocking My Pants)

'Number 1 (Pollocking My Pants)' (2015)

Presented at 'So Basic' (2015) - three exhibition spaces simultaneously: 1280x650 & Texted , Copenhagen, Denmark

Figure for Sublime Oblivion

'Figure for Sublime Oblivion' (2015)

Occupy Landscape, Stavanger

Edible Ephemera (Year of the Horse Snack)

Edible Ephemera (Year of the Horse Snack) (2014)

September Split Edition for Kuk & Parfyme, NY Art Book Fair 2014, New York, US

'Post Office - It began as a mistake' (2014)

Nebbelux, Fredrikstad


'Curatorial ONE - Inspired By:' (2013)

September Split Curatorial, Oslo



Ebba Moi, Geir Tore Holm, Helga Marie Nordby

Kate Pendry, Lise Autogena, Monica Winther

Nicolas Siepen, Nicolas Woche, Per Platou

RRR, Sverre Strandberg, Thomas Bo

Østergård, Tone Olaf Nielsen, Trine Falch

Vilde Von Krogh & Åsa Sonjasdotter



 Rhapsody in Black

Rhapsody in Black (2011)

Installation at  'No Problem' (2011), Tromsø Kunstforening, Tromsø



Business Class

'Business Class' (2013)

September Split at Trinosophes, Detroit, US

Mirando la Finca Madre

'Mirando la Finca Madre' (2012)

September Split at Vallvidrera, Barcelona, Spain


excerpt from bachelor catalouge No Problem, design by NODE, published by Tromsø Academy of Contemporary Art, 2011 


'Iceploitation' (2011)

Tromsø Kunstforening, Tromsø

Geopoltical Whiteout

Geopolitical Whiteout BИMA (2010)

Action, Kirkenes


Nutritious/Delicious (2008)

Installation View, Tromsø

Perhaps the children can tell us so much about the world that it can become a model for us

Perhaps the children can tell us so much about the world that it can become a model for us (2008)

Action, Tromsø

Untitled (Translucent Insomnia) (2008)

From 'OFKS Student Exhibiton' (2008) at MOCA - Museum of Contemporary Art Haikou, Haikou, China


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