Kjetil D. Kristensen

Born 1981 in Stavanger, Norway

Kjetil D. Kristensen is known for unconventional storytelling through contemporary art. In his work, the object instantiates a microspace of freedom for the viewer: multiple and multivalent narratives invite the viewer to read, reconsider, and redefine the work for their own purposes. The narrative, the visual, and the concrete are in constant conversation; the viewer moves around and between instantiations of the work and creates a unique subjective experience of the piece. Kristensen works with a variety of media and conceptual strategies led by a focus on questions and problems rather than technique and craft; his work often displays a special emphasis on performative strategies that exploit site- and project-specific constraints and affordances. His works have dealt with the position of the artist; power, institutions, and geopolitics; and the artmaking process. He approaches these questions with an aesthetic of corrupted triviality, vulnerable humor, and poetic darkness. His work engages equally with the white cube and the public sphere, building bridges and exposing junctures between the two spaces. Kristensen first exhibited on the Norwegian west coast  in 1998 and today he shows and produces work in independent and institutional contexts in Norway and abroad as an artist, occasional curator/exhibition-maker, conceptual residency facilitator, and producer of projects.


In his curatorial practice Kristensen focuses on finding new alternatives to the gallery space and developing diverse strategies for the valuation of contemporary art. He’s founder of Kristensen Contemporary and co-founder of September Split. He co-founded the collaborative curatorial platform and professional skateboard-art-team Contemporary Cruise Crew as well as the artist-run studio space VORTA at Lokomotivverkstedet in Middelalderparken, Oslo.


Kristensen holds a diploma in fine art photography from the Oslo Photo Art School and a BA in Contemporary Art from the Tromsø Academy of Contemporary Art with an emphasis on naturecultures, situatedness, and identity politics in relation to art (2011). He participated in the inaugural edition of the Independent Study Program (ISP) at Rogaland Kunstsenter (2017). Kristensen holds an MFA from the Oslo National Academy of the Arts in the MFA program on Art & Public Space (MAPS), a two-year artistic research programme with an emphasis on contemporary art as a critical spatial practice, providing a platform for new social and political encounters (2018).



selected solo & collabs:

2019    Art School Drop Outs, Prosjektskolen, Oslo  NO

2019    Moinument, Dalane Festival of Culture, Moi  NO

2018    Detroit Kunsthalle Under New Management, Studio17, Stavanger  NO

2018    A Retrospective Refuge of the Practice-Based Research Process, Lokomotivverkstedet - Middelalderparken, Oslo  NO

2016    Stealing Munch (Pirate-workshop), Can Serrat, El Bruc  ES

2015    Figure for Sublime Oblivion, Occupy Landscape, Stavanger  NO

2015    SO BASIC, SØ, Copenhagen  DK

2014    Edible Ephemera (Year of the Horse Snack), NYABF, New York  US

2014    Post Office - It began as a mistake, Nebbelux, Fredrikstad  NO

2013    Business Class, Trinosophes, Detroit  US

2012    Mirando la Finca Madre, Vallvidrera, Barcelona  ES

2011    SPLIT, space 4235, Genova  IT

2011    Geopolitical Whiteout, Kirkenes Harbour, Kirkenes NO

2010    Take A Chance On Me, Festspillene i Nord-Norge, Harstad  NO

2010    |wēk|, Tromsø Kunstforening, Tromsø  NO

2008    Perhaps the children can tell us so much about the world that it can become a model for us, Stortorget, Tromsø  NO