Letter to the Jury

Dear Jury,


            Thank you for reviewing my application for ________________. I’m grateful that you’re able to meet with me today to consider my work. This portfolio presents ever-evolving snapshots of my activity across different art contexts. To some people, I’m an artist; to others, a curator or exhibition-maker; or to others a writer or a conseptual workshop leader, skateboard-art-team-professional cruiser, unconventional storyteller, or the former executive of a fictitious bureau for contemporary art.


            Regardless of categories, I assume we’re all here today for one reason or another. I’m here to make a case for the value of my contemporary post-studio practice, interest for self-initiated venues, performative strategies, site (and situation) specific projects, pseudonyms, monochromes and polar bears. And also a belief that public art and democracy somewhat are the same, since the one thing cannot function without the other.


            Following I will present my resumé and a handful of my highlighted projects: Two ongoing and three recent; Detroit Kunsthalle, MoinumentFigure for Sublime Oblivion, Post Office: It Began As A MistakeContemporary Cruise Crew and September Split.



0. Resumé: CV - KRISTENSEN, (PDF - 82 KB)



Detroit Kunsthalle

Est. 2017

Detroit Kunsthalle (DKH) is a pilot project for creating an artist-run laboratory for art & public space. Physically located at an eight meter long and three meter wide shoreline plot  situated at Lurahammeren in the City of Sandnes on the Norwegian west coast. The shoreline plot has been donated to the project for the purpose of artistic exploration within the field of art & public space.


The vision for DKH: Create, curate and conduct programmed activities on the donated site itself, but also temporary nomadic productions  in collaboration with invited artists.   The concept of DKH is also used as a form of material/source for productions presented elsewhere; Rogaland Kunstsenter, Kunstnernes Hus, Transnational Arts Production, Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Studio17 and   AiR Sandnes amongst others.












2019 (sculpture, satellite installations, events)

Moinument - a participatory monument and temporary installation in downtown Moi with satellites and events created for Dalane Festival of Culture 2019. During the short festival Moinument created an opening reception with knowledge production on local art history, a workshop-exhibition for children and the Moinumental Gatefest - a street party created together with residents from the local asylum reception centre.

Moinument included several satellite flag-installations and neon riso prints scattered around in the city centre. The project Moinument was part of FLOOD_2019 initiated by Rogaland Kunstsenter and Lund municipality for Dalane Festival of Culture











Figure for Sublime Oblivion

2015 (performance, sound, photography, sculpture)

An auto-fictional birthday speech aimed at turning the debate regarding the sale of Barbara Hepworth's sculpture Figure for Landscape in a more positive direction.


The performance took place on the one year anniversary of the empty plinth outside Kunsthall Stavanger and worked as an extension of my desire to work narratively in parallel with intuitive approaches to technics. Figure for Sublime Oblivion also reflects my wish to position the artist in the community debate and highlight the challenges such a position presents.











Post Office: It Began As A Mistake

2014 (performance, sound, photography, monochrome, sculpture)

Solo show at Nebbelux inspired by Charles Bukowski's novel Post Office. The exhibition deals with an artist's broken dreams in daily life characterised by self-loathing, alcoholism and a meaningless day job at a factory in a capitalist system. The reference to the novel reflects the narrative's position in my artistic practice and opens for a one-two-or three-dimensional experience of the work (visual, narrative, overlapping).


The works consist of machined wood panels and metal structures that had previously crossed continents during transport. Dust and dirt were deliberately preserved as live tracks of the previously use to bring their history into a natural context, giving the past and the materials own experience a value. At the opening night I conducted a  performance,  which functioned as a soundtrack in conversation with the objects:  A poem paraphrasing Deleuze and Guattari´s reflections on capitalism through a Bukowski inspired personal perspective of despair. The sound-recording from the performance was broadcasted through the FM band during the exhibition period via industrial AM/FM electronic earmuffs available to the public.











Contemporary Cruise Crew

Est. 2013

Contemporary Cruise Crew (CCC); Ongoing artwork organised as a professional art-skateboard team. CCC was co-funded with the aim of exploring possibilities within formats outside the sphere of the white cube; Curatorial projects for construction sites and sports arenas, editions resembling gods sold in museum- and skateboard-shops, developing and conducting workshops and arranging conceptual cruises.


CCC has created projects in collaboration with NORB (Norsk Organisasjon For Rullebrett), Lisleby Skatehall / Fredrikstad kommune, Strykejernet Art School and Fellesverkstedet in Oslo.


Stealing Munch, Pirate-workshop, CCC at Can Serrat, 2016 (PDF - 5,9 MB)

CCC Kunsthalle, CCC curatorial at NORB-NM Fredrikstad, 2015 (PDF - 611 KB)









September Split

Est. 2011

September Split; Organisation and collective co-funded in 2011. September Split grew with one new member each year and focused on self-initiated activities.


The purpose of the collective was to create an honest safe space for exchanging of ideas and to push its members to explore different formats while constructively challenge each other for personal growth within the discipline of arts.


This project shows my ability to initiate, curate, conduct and co-create productions in established and self initiated contexts, both domestic and abroad.












            Thanks again for your time and attention - I look forward to hearing your decision, and welcome any questions, critique, or feedback on what you seen today.





- Kjetil D. Kristensen