Kjetil Detroit Kristensen - Photo: John Trygve Tollefsen ©

Photo: John Trygve Tollefsen ©

Kjetil Detroit Kristensen

based in Oslo, Norway


0047 93611825 




I create installations, film and performance that deal with the position of the artist and art production, in an attempt at exploring and erasing the transition between art and life. I use auto-fictional approaches that provide for immediacy and realism. I'm interested in the tension between activism and the art institution, and how to create spaces which facilitate self- and social-critique. My practice embraces the temporary, the performative, the interdisciplinary collaboration, and the energy that arises, just as much as the object itself.

My artistic practice is about the role of the artist, its vulnerability and paradoxes. The inherent fragility in such a position, as well as the systems and the outside world the artist relies on. My work departs from auto-fictive stories about art-making and the contemporary life of the artist. My practice unfolds through various media and focuses on questions and problems rather than technique and craft. It uses me, my weaknesses and my own fears, as form, format, source and material. Fear of society's collapse, polarisation and injustice. Outside the cube I work with different forms of resistance and democracy based on a thought that art in the public space and democracy is somewhat the same, I believe the one cannot exist without the other. This is expressed through the ongoing project 'Detroit Kunsthalle’, a project that spans out from a inherited plot by the urban coastline of the Norwegian westcoast and questions — amongst several topics — the concepts of private property law and free movement by the shoreline.

I point out the potential of less attractive places and facilitate the viewer to discover new opportunities in the existing. I create experiences for the public, in places and through situations where unconventional presentation of contemporary art can occur, such as inside a sports arena, construction site or in an empty apartment. I create works that with simple means, are direct encounters with and illuminate the complexity of the surroundings. I use activist aesthetics, bring in colleagues in my own productions, shift concepts and formats, and I try to obscure transitions between performance and actions.

- Kjetil D. Kristensen

  Sculpt Pure I - III (2014)

  metal, tape, wood, cardboard, plastic

Kjetil D. Kristensen is known for unconventional storytelling through contemporary art. In his work, the object instantiates a microspace of freedom for the viewer: multiple and multivalent narratives invite the viewer to read, reconsider, and redefine the work for their own purposes. The narrative, the visual, and the concrete are in constant conversation; the viewer moves around and between instantiations of the work and creates a unique subjective experience of the piece. Kristensen works with a variety of media and conceptual strategies led by a focus on questions and problems rather than technique and craft; his work often displays a special emphasis on performative strategies that exploit site- and project-specific constraints and affordances. His works have dealt with the position of the artist; power, institutions, and geopolitics; and the artmaking process. He approaches these questions with an aesthetic of corrupted triviality, vulnerable humor, and poetic darkness. His work engages equally with the white cube and the public sphere, building bridges and exposing junctures between the two spaces. Kristensen first exhibited on the Norwegian west coast  in 1998 and today he shows and produces work in independent and institutional contexts in Norway and abroad as an artist, occasional curator/exhibition-maker, conceptual residency facilitator, and producer of projects.


In his curatorial practice Kristensen focuses on finding new alternatives to the gallery space and developing diverse strategies for the valuation of contemporary art. He’s founder of Kristensen Contemporary and co-founder of September Split. He co-founded the collaborative curatorial platform and professional skateboard-art-team Contemporary Cruise Crew as well as the artist-run studio space VORTA at Lokomotivverkstedet in Middelalderparken, Oslo. Kristensen is currently working on the development of Detroit Kunsthalle - a laboratory for research within the field of art & public space.


Kristensen holds a two-year diploma in fine art photography from the Oslo Photo Art School (2006) and a BA in Contemporary Art from the Tromsø Academy of Contemporary Art with an emphasis on naturecultures, situatedness, and identity politics in relation to art (2011). He participated in the inaugural edition of the Independent Study Program (ISP) at Rogaland Kunstsenter (2017). He holds an MFA from the Oslo National Academy of the Arts in the MFA program on Art & Public Space (MAPS), a two-year artistic research programme with an emphasis on contemporary art as a critical spatial practice, providing a platform for new social and political encounters (2018). Kristensen is a registered art consultant for KORO (Public Art Norway) and is currently undergoing a one-year-programme on Commissioning and Curating Contemporary Public Art at the Valand Academy at the University of Gothenburg (candidate - 2019). Kristensen is working from the idea that the curator's role should be, and is posed as conceit or statement or question alongside that of the artist, and that this process should not be stopped through excess projection around the historical construction of the idea of what an artist may or may not represent.

Written by Kitty Kristensen



2022    ‘If You Do Not Love Me I Shall Not Be Loved’, for the online program 'The Structure Envisioned for Changing Circumstances' (2021-2022) Curated by Maija Rudovska in partnership with Amy Mackie and 

             Tina Rigby Hanssen for Blind Carbon Copy (LV), Parse Nola (US), Kongsberg Kunstforening and Vestfold Kunstsenter (NO), hosted by Blind Carbon Copy, Riga - LV

2019    'Moinument', temporary and participatory monument (with satellites and events), initiated by Rogaland Kunstsenter, Dalane Festival of Culture, Moi - NO

2018    'detroit kunsthalle ist eine konvention', AiR Sandnes, Sandnes - NO

2018    'A Retrospective Refuge of the Practice-Based Research Process', Lokomotivhallen - Middelalderparken, Oslo - NO

2015    'Figure for Sublime Oblivion', curated by Siri Borge, Occupy Landscape, Stavanger - NO

2014    'Post Office - It began as a mistake', curated by Sigrid Bendz and Henrik Langgård, Nebbelux, Fredrikstad - NO

2010    '|wēk|', one-night-only, Tromsø Kunstforening, Tromsø - NO


2020    'Blue Chip Baby', Babel Visningsrom for Kunst, Trondheim - NO

             'Duckert Detroit' (Kjetil Detroit Kristensen & Helene Duckert) featuring Brage Sunde and Dev Dhunsi

2015    'Members Only', Studio17, Stavanger - NO

             'September Split': Kjetil Detroit Kristensen, Geir Backe Altern, Sigrid Bendz, Ingrid Forland, Gustav Samrelius and Anna Åstrand

2015    'SO BASIC', three spaces simultaneously: the online magazine Texted, the web gallery 1280x650 as well as at gallery SØ, Copenhagen - DK

             'September Split': Kjetil Detroit Kristensen, Geir Backe Altern, Sigrid Bendz, Ingrid Forland, Gustav Samrelius and Anna Åstrand

2013    'Business Class', Trinosophes, Detroit - US

             'September Split': Kjetil Detroit Kristensen, Geir Backe Altern, Sigrid Bendz and Ingrid Forland

2012    'Mirando la Finca Madre', Vallvidrera, Barcelona - ES

             'September Split': Kjetil Detroit Kristensen, Geir Backe Altern & Sigrid Bendz, hosted by Araiz Mesanza and Erling Knudsen

2011    'SPLIT', initiated by Ronny Faber Dahl, Space 4235, Genova - IT

             'September Split': Kjetil Detroit Kristensen and Geir Backe Altern


2022    'MølleØy - the workshop', Detroit Kunsthalle feat. Centre for Open Culture, Nord-Jæren - NO

Initiated in collaboration with Šárka Zahálková, co-hosted by Studio17, Stavanger

Artists: Araiz Mesanza, Alessandro Marchi, David Böhm, Jiří Franta, Ondřej Buddeus, Ian Mikyska, Tomáš Moravec, Kristina Fingerland, Kateřina Jirsová, Sayed Sattar Hasan, Marie Sieberová and Nikola Březinová

2019    'Art School Drop Outs', Prosjektskolen, Oslo - NO

Initiated in collaboration with Sayed Sattar Hasan and students from Prosjektskolen

Artists: Adrian Indreiten, Dev Dhunsi, Anja Heltberg, Anne Katrine Lehne, August Sundgaard, Awat Serdashti, Bendik Syversætre, Benjamin Torvik, Brage Sunde, Camilla Ramsvik, Camilla Stensby, Dominika Miklar, Eilert Døhl, Evind Røtnes, Goran Saribast Arif, Håvard Roald, Isak Bernstein Leikanger, Jonas Svenning, Juan Sebastian Skjerdal, Kevin Cord-Cruz, Lasse Bjerke Myrvold, Marena Carsten Syrstad, Margrete Sofie Netland, Marie Helene Vorren, Marita Lorena B. Gonzalez, Martin Erlandsen Visnes, Mathilde Sæthre, Mia Maria Robsahm, Noah Holt-Seeland, Pål Anders Vold, Peder Bye, Rohban Malik, Snorre Nordgulen, Sofie Reinsfelt, Solveig Aamodt, Stian Jakobsen, Taran Andrea Sørvoll, Trym Syverud, Victoria Alstrup, Vilde Jønland

2018    'Detroit Kunsthalle Under New Management', Detroit Kunsthalle, Nord-Jæren & Studio17, Stavanger - NO

Initiated in collaboration with Studio17, Stavanger. Part of the 'AiR Westcoast #3: A Residency Within A Residency´ at Frida Hansens Hus initiated by Detroit Kunsthalle

Artists: Sayed Sattar Hasan, Nicholas John Jones and Mathew Lacosse

2017    'Sunday Backyard Barbeque with Contemporary Cruise Crew', Follobaneprosjektet // Middelalderparken, Oslo - NO

Micro 'bbq-construction-site festival', initiated by Contemporary Cruise Crew in collaboration with EUFORISK for Oslo Open

2015    'CCC Kunsthalle', NORB NM, Fredrikstad - NO

Initiated in collaboration with Erling Knudsen

Artists: Geir Backe Altern, Kaja CXZY Andersen, Sigrid Bendz, Helga Bu, Contemporary Cruise Crew, Marie Askeland Gundersen, Marc McKee, Araiz Mesanza, Vebjørn Guttormsgaard Mølleberg, Gustav Samrelius, Snakepunch, Irene P. Tello, Woodland Woodshop

2013    'Curatorial ONE - Inspired By:', SS-HQ Gamle Ringen Kino, Oslo - NO

Initiated in collaboration with Geir Backe Altern

Artists: Lise Autogena, Trine Falch, Geir Tore Holm, Vilde Von Krogh, Ebba Moi, Tone Olaf Nielsen, Helga Marie Nordby, Kate Pendry, Per Platou, Nicolas Siepen, Åsa Sonjasdotter, Sverre Strandberg, RRR (Espen Sommer Eide, Hilde Methi, Morten Torgersrud and Kristin Tårnesvik), Monica Winther, Nicolas Woche, Thomas Bo Østergård



            short cycle (foundation + knowledge based residencies):

2008    Fine Art Photography (TWO-YEAR FINE ART DIPLOMA) — OFKS - Oslo Photo Art School, Oslo - NO

            (faculty: Marco Bruzzone, Erling Bugge, Line Halvorsen, Sverre Strandberg, Jenny Rydhagen and Tammo Rist)

2017    Independent Study Program (RESIDENCE) — Rogaland Kunstsenter, Stavanger - NO

            (faculty: Phillipp Kleinmichel, Kristina Ketola Bore, Joao Doria, Marthe Ramm Fortun and Geir Haraldseth)

2018    Monumental — Temporal (RESIDENCE) — PRAKSIS Norway, Oslo - NO

            (faculty: Gereon Krebber)

            first cycle:

2009    Music Artist Development — UiT the Arctic University of Norway, Tromsø - NO

2010    Sami Art — UiT the Arctic University of Norway, Tromsø - NO

2011    Bachelor in Contemporary Art — Tromsø Academy of Contemporary Art, Tromsø - NO

            (Prof.: Åsa Sonjasdotter, Tone Olaf Nielsen & Nicolas Siepen)

            second cycle:

2014    Art in Context: Aesthetics and Research Theory — Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences, Oslo - NO

2018    Master Fine Art of Art and Public Space — Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Oslo - NO

            (Prof.: Apolonija Šušteršič & Olga Schmedling )

2019    Commissioning and Curating Contemporary Public Art — Valand Academy, Gothenburg - SE

            (faculty: Andrea Phillips, Dave Beech, Jason Bowman, Kerstin Bergendal, Kjell Caminha, Maddie Leach, Mick Wilson)



2023    'Why Use Gold When Other Things Glitter', guest lecture Prosjektskolen, Oslo - NO

2021    'The Richter Olsen Art Foundation', three-week course / pseudonym-workshop Prosjektskolen, Oslo - NO

2019    'No Need For White Cubes /out of the cube - into the wild', three-week course / action in public space exhibition-workshop Prosjektskolen, Oslo - NO

2019    'Kunstner for en dag: neste generasjon i norsk samtidskunst', kids-exhibition-workshop Lund folkebibliotek, Moi - NO

2018    Art & Public Space Workshop, guest lecture Prosjektskolen, Oslo - NO

2017    'Agenda: Fiksjon og offentlighet', seminar, created together with MAPS Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo - NO

2016    'Stealing Munch (Pirate-workshop)', one-week course / Stealing Munch woodcut-workshop Strykejernet Art School, Can Serrat, El Bruc - ES


2022    'Norway’s Riso-Community', curated by Pamflett for Tokyo Art Book Fair, part of 'Risopioneers' initiated by Hand Saw Press, The Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo, Tokyo - JP

2022    'Nybakte T-trykk', initiated by NKL (Landsforeningen for Naive Kunstnere; Lars Kjemphol and Ole Fredrik Hvidsten), Atelie - Vikaterassen, Oslo - NO

2021    'Risografi i Norge', initiated by Norwegian Risograph Association, Grafill, Oslo - NO

2021    'Østlandsutstillingen 2021', ('Duckert Detroit'), Trafo Kunsthall, Asker and Vestfold Kunstsenter, Tønsberg - NO

2021    'Who is Hasansen', exhibition critique and charpai-chat-apperance in film by Sayed Sattar Hasan - world wide web

2020    'From the Balcony', ('Duckert Detroit'), curated by Hanne Beate Ueland, Vibece Salthe, Helga Nyman and Jane Sverdrupsen, Stavanger Kunstmuseum, Stavanger - NO

2020    'Tvárnost Paměti (Malleable Memory)', curated by Šárka Zahálková, GAMPA, Pardubice - CZ

2019    'Woodland', initiated by Lars Kjemphol for ‘Statens 132. kunstutstilling' - Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo - NO

2018    'Maksimalistisk mangfold', initiated by Helga Bu & Araiz Mesanza, Atelier Agnor, Nesodden - NO

2018    'Monumental — Temporal', initiated by PRAKSIS & Gereon Krebber, Fellesverkstedet, Oslo - NO

2018    'Sensing Time; On Temporalities, Rhythms and Memories', initiated by Rike Frank & Saskia Holmkvist, Akademirommet - Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo - NO

2018    'Traust', curated by Stefan Schröder, work created in collab with Tone Bjerkaas, Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Oslo - NO

2017    'Season Finale', Rogaland Kunstsenter, Stavanger - NO

2017    'HM Queen Sonja’s Jubilee Collection', The Queen Sonja Art Stable - The Royal Palace, Oslo - NO

2017    'Contemporary Composers Vol. 2', curated by Therese Frisk & AntiPlay Boy the Label, Akademirommet - Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo - NO

2017    'It Feels Like Being in the Real World', screening inGamle Stavanger, hosted by Rogaland Kunstsenter, Stavanger - NO

2016    'HELP – IT'S A LAIV!', actor, by Susie Wang (Trine Falch, Mona Solhaug, Bo Krister Wallström, Martin Langlie), Hovedscenen, Nationaltheatret, Oslo - NO

2016    'All Friends Are Invited', screening, Galleri Bokboden, Bergen - NO

2016    'Kunst utenfor kunsten', initiated by Mette-Line Pedersen & Elisabeth Romberg, Agder Gamle Teater - Verkstedhallen, Kristiansand - NO

2015    'The Worst Artshow Ever', initiated by Lars Kjemphol, Øvre Fossum Gård, Oslo - NO

2014    'Anarkistisk Juleutstilling', Akershus Kunstnersenter, Lillestrøm - NO

2014    'Oktoberutstillingen', initiated by Lars Kjemphol, Øvre Fossum Gård, Oslo - NO

2014    'Edition-14', September Split symposium, Warzaw - PL

2011    '++ (PlussPluss)', one-night-only, Black Box Teater, Oslo - NO

2011    'Naustet Residence RIP', initiated by Geir Backe Altern, Naustet Residence, Tromsø - NO

2011    'No Problem', curated by Åsa Sonjasdotter, Tromsø Kunstforening, Tromsø - NO

2011    'ICEPLOITATION', curated by Madeleine Bernhoff, Tromsø Kunstforening, Tromsø - NO

2011    'Geopolitical Whiteout BИMA', action in public space, Kirkenes - NO

2011    'Kristensen Contemporary', bureau for contemporary art, world wide web

2010    'Take A Chance On Me', Ungkunst-stipend, Festspillene i Nord-Norge, Harstad - NO

2009    'Set The Alarm Clock Baby, Don’t Miss The Sun', Kurant, Tromsø - NO

2009    'Reduction – Tromsø Art Academy in an envelope', Galleri 60, Umeå - SE

2009    'Great Things From Tromsø', initiated by Espen Justdal, HOT DOG-kulturkiosk, Tromsø - NO

2009    'Moving Image', screening, Kurant in collaboration with The North Pole Art Company, Nordnorsk Kunstmuseum, Perspektivet Museum, Galleri Karl Johan and Krane Kunstgalleri, Tromsø - NO

2008    'Reduction – Tromsø Art Academy in an envelope', Nordnorsk Kunstmuseum, Tromsø - NO

2008    'Borderline Picturesque', curated by Edward Clydestale Thomson, Kysten - Troms Fylkeskultursenter, Tromsø - NO

2008    'Perhaps the children can tell us so much about the world that it can become a model for us', action in public space, Tromsø - NO

2008    'Einar', action in public space, Tromsø - NO

2008    'Avgangsutstilling Oslo Fotokunstskole', Det Norske Teatret, Oslo - NO

2008    'Oslo Photo Art School – Selected Student Works Exhibition', Museum of Contemporary Art, Haikou - CN

2007    'Amerika Amerika', initiated by Tammo Rist, Søndregate 12A, Oslo - NO


2021    'FLOM', vinyl record compilation (Matterlurgy, Damián Vega, Elena Redaelli, Kjetil D. Kristensen), track by TRG (Tusj / Hekt / Killah K), launched at Rogaland Kunstsenter, Stavanger - NO

2021    'Tvárnost paměti / Umění pro veřejný prostor Pardubic', edited by Šárka Zahálková, published by GAMPA, Pardubice - CZ

2020    'Woodland - ten years', edited by Ruben Aas Arvesen and Lars Kjemphol for WDLND, initiated by Norsk Antikunstforlag, published by Kontur Forlag, Oslo - NO

2018    'The Beginning of Forms', initiated by Geir Haraldseth, design by Scott Joseph, ISP - published by Rogaland Kunstsenter, Stavanger - NO

2018    'Studio17 fem år', edited by Mari Kolbeinson and Espen Birkedal, design by Benjamin Hickethier, published by and launched at Studio17, Stavanger - NO

2018    'Traust, art direction by Ariane Spanier, design by Romain Fontaine, published by KHiO and launched at Lokomotivhallen - Middelalderparken, Oslo - NO

2017    'Contemporary Composers vol. 2', cassette compilation, AntiPlay Boy the Label, launched at Akademirommet - Kunstnernes Hus, Oslo - NO

2017    'Kolonihager', initiated by Marthe Ramm Fortun, design by Erik Freer, launched at 'Season Finale', Rogaland Kunstsenter, Stavanger - NO

2017    '10 Investigations: Plural Freedom', edited by Hilde Maisey & Hatem Ben Mansour, design by João Doria, published by Transcultural Arts Production (TrAP), launched at Melahuset, Oslo - NO

2016    'Kunst utenfor kunsten', publication for the University of Agder - Wenneslands collection, launched at Agder Gamle Teater - Verkstedhallen, Kristiansand - NO

2015    'SO BASIC', September Split publication created for the online magazine Texted, Texted - world wide web

2015    'A Pretty Pretty Issue', a … issue, launched at Apartment Project Istanbul, Istanbul - TR

2014    'Edible Ephemera (Year of the Horse Snack)', September Split publication/sculpture, curated by Kuk & Parfyme, launched at The NY Art Book Fair, MoMA PS1, New York - US

2011    'No Problem', published by Kunstakademiet i Tromsø, launched at Sør-Varanger Bibliotek - Kirkenes, Torpedo Bookshop - Oslo, Scarcity, Venezia - IT

2011    Fanzine 'Frozen Heart/Freeze in Hell- The Seminar', initiated by Tor Erik Bøe, launched at Tromsø Kunstforening, Tromsø - NO


2023    'Not a presentation about Duckert Detroit', conversation on the notion of 'expanded practice' Faculty of Arts of the Technical University of Košice, Košice - SK

2022    'Maija Rudovska and Detroit Kristensen', conversation for 'The Structure Envisioned for Changing Circumstances' — Vestfold Kunstsenter, Tønsberg - NO

2022    'Detroit Kunsthalle; from critique to proposal', presentation — Kunstskolen i Stavanger, Stavanger - NO

2021    'Survival strategies and international collaboration', Seminar initiated by 'Østlandsutstillingen' (2021), moderated by Maija Rudovska — Vestfold Kunstsenter, Tønsberg - NO

2021    'Lunkument 4: Detroit Kunsthalle', Art-Podcast by Espen Birkedal - world wide web

2021    'Episode 48: PRAKSIS Development Forum (PDF) Session 22', Radio Tenthaus livestream: conversation, with Helene Duckert and Sayed Sattar Hasan — Tenthaus, Oslo - NO

2020    'Malleable Memory', conversation with Šárka Zahálková and Matouš Lipus for ArtCafé — Český rozhlas, Prague - CZ

2020    'Duckert Detroit', presentation for Trondheim Academy of Fine Art; Art In Common Space — Babel Visningsrom for Kunst, Trondheim - NO

2019    'MAPS by DETROIT', presentation — Tromsø Academy of Contemporary Art, Tromsø - NO

2019    'MAPS by DETROIT', presentation — Nordland kunst- og filmfagskole, Svolvær - NO

2019    'MAPS by DETROIT', presentation — for ‘Fagdag for Kunstsentrene', Trondheim Senter for Samtidskunst, Trondheim - NO

2019    'Lunkument 3: Arbeidernes dag i Oslo', Art-Podcast by Espen Birkedal - world wide web

2019    'Lunkument 2: Oslo 23-26 Mars', Art-Podcast by Espen Birkedal - world wide web

2019    'PRAKSIS Development Forum (PDF) Session 2', presentation/conversationPRAKSIS, Anatomigården, Oslo - NO

2019    'Lunkument 1: Detroit i Moi', Art-Podcast by Espen Birkedal - world wide web

2018    'Detroit Kunsthalle — Detroit Kristensen', presentation — Kunstskolen i Rogaland, Stavanger - NO

2018    'Lunken Kaffi: Residency Kjetil med Kjetil Detroit Kristensen, Matthew Lacosse, Nicholas John jones og Sayed Sattar Hansen', Art-Podcast by Espen Birkedal - world wide web

2018    'DKH presents MAPS', presentation — Tromsø Academy of Contemporary Art, Tromsø - NO

2018    'DKH presents MAPS', presentation — Trondheim Academy of Fine Art, Trondheim - NO

2018    'Open lecture: MAPS presented by Detroit Kristensen', presentation — Bergen Architecture School, Bergen - NO

2018    'Monumental Temporal // Discussing The Work', conversation — Fellesverkstedet, Oslo - NO

2018    'Meet the Residents // Monumental — Temporal', presentation — PRAKSIS, Anatomigården, Oslo - NO

2018    'Bo Krister Wallström and Detroit Kristensen', conversation — Lokomotivhallen - Middelalderparken, Oslo - NO

2017    'Listen In', presentation — Oslo National Academy of the Arts, Oslo - NO 

2017    'INNGANG 17', presentation — Rogaland Kunstsenter, Stavanger - NO

2016    'Lunken Kaffi: FÄNGELSE DEL I' & 'FÄNGELSE DEL II', Art-Podcast by Espen Birkedal - world wide web

2016    Oslo Open Art Festival, open studio - Lokomotivhallen — Middelalderparken, Oslo - NO

2015    Art In Public Space-workshop, presentation — Strykejernet Art School, Oslo - NO

2015    Oslo Open Art Festival, open studio — Lokomotivhallen — Middelalderparken, Oslo - NO


2023    Tou and Kino Úsmev — Artist-in-Residence, Košice

2022    EEA and Norway Grants — project support: 'MLÝNSKÝ OSTROV' (2022, 2023, 2024)

2021    Atelier Nord ANX — project support: Project-Room, Oslo

2020    City of Bergen & Stiftelsen Kulturhuset USF — Artist-in-Residence: AiR Bergen

2020    OFFCITY — Artist-in-Residence, Pardubice

2020    Lademoen Kunstnerverksteder — Artist-in-Residence, Trondheim

2019    Rogaland County Council — project support: 'Detroit Kunsthalle' (2019, 2022)

2019    Rogaland Kunstsenter and Bildende Kunstneres Hjelpefond — project support: Vinyl: 'Flood_2019'

2019    KORO (Public Art Norway) — project support: 'Detroit Kunsthalle'

2019    Lund Municipality & Rogaland County Council — Artist-in-Residence: 'Flood_2019', Dalane

2018    City of Sandnes & Rogaland County Council — Artist-in-Residence: AiR Sandnes

2018    Arts Council Norway — Grant: Diversestipend for Nyutdannede Kunstnere

2018    Arts Council Norway, City of Stavanger & Rogaland Kunstsenter — Artist-in-Residence: Studio17, Stavanger

2017    City of Stavanger & Rogaland Kunstsenter — Artist-in-Residence: Independent Study Program

2016    Utsira Municipality & Rogaland County Council — Artist-in-Residence: Utsira Lighthouse (2016, 2018, 2020, 2022)

2016    Kulturetaten, The City of Oslo — subsidized studio space (2016, 2017, 2018)

2015    City of Fredrikstad — project support: 'Contemporary Cruise Crew (CCC Kunsthalle)'

2015    Østfold County Council — project support: 'Contemporary Cruise Crew (CCC Kunsthalle)'

2014    WDLND — project support: 'Contemporary Cruise Crew'

2013    AS Unica — project support: 'Business Class'

2010    Festspillene i Nord-Norge — Young Artists Scholarship: 'Take A Chance On Me' 


2020    'AiR Westcoast #5', Kristensen Contemporary AiR with Detroit Kunsthalle Film Crew, Stavanger kommune kunstnerleilighet - Øvre Strandgate, Stavanger - NO

2020    'AiR Westcoast #4', Kristensen Contemporary AiR with architect Alena Vosse and artist Matthew Lacosse, Utsira Lighthouse, Utsira - NO

2020    'Trondheim Temporary 2020', Kristensen Contemporary AiR with artist Geir Backe Altern, Lademoen Kunstnerverksteder, Trondheim - NO

2018    'AiR Westcoast #3', Kristensen Contemporary AiR with artists Sayed Sattar Hassan, Nicholas John Jones and Mathew Lacosse, Frida Hansens Hus, Stavanger - NO

2018    'AiR Westcoast #2', Kristensen Contemporary AiR with designer Tone Bjerkaas, Utsira Lighthouse, Utsira - NO

2016    'AiR Westcoast #1', Kristensen Contemporary AiR with artist-run-studio-space-VORTA-musicians Henrik Langgård and Geir Skatdalen, Utsira Lighthouse, Utsira - NO

2013    'AiR Plastique', Kristensen Contemporary AiR with art-collectives Contemporary Cruise Crew & September Split, Long Branch, New Jersey - US



Norwegian Visual Artist Copyright Society (BONO)

CCC (Contemporary Cruise Crew)

The Norwegian Association of Researchers (Forskerforbundet)


Young Artists’ Society (UKS) (2014-2018)

The Association of Norwegian Visual Artists (NBK) (2016-2017)

September Split (2011-2015)

The Norwegian Association for Fine Art Photographers (FFF) (2011-2015)



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